For Emergency Call:   15  
Islamabad Police

Counter Terrorism Department (CTD)


In order to strengthen security apparatus of Federal Capital Islamabad in line with the National Action Plan and to prevent and control terrorist activities, Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) is being raised for prompt response to any eventuality.


    • Conducting Counter Terrorism Operations in ICT in collaboration with local police and other LEAs
    • Conduct of Intelligence Based Operations (IBOs) and providing ASAP response.
    • Swift deployment at strategic locations.
    • Terrorism related Intelligence gathering, analysis and cyber monitoring.
    • Terrorism related investigation.

CTF Teams

• Rapid Field Teams (RFT)
• Intelligence Field Team (IFT)
• Investigation Team (IT)
• Specialized Field Team (SFT)
• Explosives Handling Team
• High Rise & Mountaineering Team
• Snipers Team
• Amphibious Team
• Crisis Negotiation Team
• Composite Field Teams (CFT) (Combination of RFT & SFT)

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