With the aim of reaching out to the community, Islamabad Police has recently started Raabta Campaign. Under the umbrella of this campaign, the supervisory officers have been directed to hold a specified number of public meetings, meetings with Ulema, traders, media, minorities and other segments of the society. The purpose is that police officers should visit the community, try to understand their problem, make efforts to resolve these as early as possible and cultivate good relationship with them. This public friendly initiative of Islamabad Police is meant for providing effective and efficient service at the doorstep of the community. This initiative will not only help in quick complaint resolution, but will also help strengthen the bond between the public and the public servants.


One major complaint against police is the poor handling of visitors in police stations. People complain that they have to wait for hours to meet any responsible officer; and that many leave without having been entertained. Admittedly, there was a disconnect and complaints of this sort were piling up. In order to conduct the complainants properly and to address their complaint of staying unattended at police stations, POLICE GUIDES have been deployed in all 22 police stations of Islamabad. The idea is to facilitate the complainants and treat them well besides solving their issues.
These Guides have been especially selected for this task and they have been imparted training in communication and inter personal skills so that they can do their job well. They arrange visitors’ meetings with concerned SHO, SDPO and Zonal SPs, if necessary.
Effective feedback mechanism of Police Guides has also been established to address the grievances of unsatisfied complainants and plug the loopholes. In order to ensure quality of service, 10% complainants are being called for feedback and quality assurance.