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Core Obligations


  Core Obligations
  Women police station is opened with a view to pay special attention to crimes against women and more particularly harassment and cruelty against women. They are also intended to inspire confidence and provide free communication by the women victims. The other functions include assistance to police in search, arrest, custody, escort and interrogation of women prisoners or suspects. Contingents of women police are provided in other police stations also with a view to perform the above functions.

  The records, management and functions of the Women Police Stations are the same as prescribed for L&O Police Stations.

  The women police station is a part of  L&O Police Sub-Division and is under the supervision of the L&O Police SDPO.

  The SHO of the Women Police Station has all the functions, duties and responsibilities as SHO of an L&O Police Station.

  The SHO maintains close liaison and coordination with the officials of the women and the child welfare department, non-governmental and voluntary organizations, the officials in charge of State Homes for women, and other authorities specified in the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act and the Juvenile Justice (Care and protection of children) Act.

  All equipment and facilities including communication etc. as are provided for L&O Police Station are provided to the Women Police Station. Particular attention is to be paid in collecting information and taking security action against persons who indulge in organized trafficking in women and children and those who are likely to commit offences of kidnapping, abduction, and child marriage.